The Value of a Home

Set the Stage for Success This Spring

Staging a home is an important aspect of successful home sales
Posted by Jan Quintero on May 17, 2013 in  uncategorized
Springtime is when everything returns to life–including our local Milwaukee-area real estate market. While our thoughts are turning in the direction of renewal and spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to think about home staging. A dated, untidy house with a hint of dirty laundry in the air isn’t going to bring the same price as a clean, attractively-furnished dwelling. That’s why staging has become such an important part of real estate preparation.   Staging is simple. Real estate agents with an ASP accreditat... read more

Romantic & Awe-Inspiring Holy Hill

Winning Entry of 'Most Romantic Places' Contest
Posted by Roy Scholtka on February 14, 2013 in  uncategorized
This year Ash Wednesday happened to fall just one day before Valentine's Day. How fitting that CBHSR's 'Most Romantic Place of Southeastern Wisconsin Photo Contest' winning entry was a photo of Holy Hill. Perry Grutza, a CBHSR agent who submitted the photo, tells how Holy Hill was a special place for him while growing up and as an adult. "My Dad would take me to Holy Hill to get a sense of being surrounded by nature. We made an annual pilgrimage typically in the fall to see the spectacular colors." ... read more

Most Romantic Places of Southeastern Wisconsin Photo Contest

Our First Annual Valentine's Day Competition
Posted by Roy Scholtka on January 31, 2013 in  uncategorized
We are kicking off our first annual "Most Romantic Places of Southeastern Wisconsin Photo Contest." We know from driving through the counties and neighborhoods of Southeastern Wisconsin that there are so many special places to live and visit.    Just in time for Valentine's Day, we are hunting for the most romantic of these spots through a photo contest.    So, whether you have a shot of spectacular scenery from a favorite hiking ground, a cozy nook at your favorite restaurant, or... read more

Why I love beautiful, vibrant, underrated Milwaukee

Milwaukee is more than a Midwestern city
Posted by Roy Scholtka on January 16, 2013 in  uncategorized
I have lived in the Milwaukee metro area for all but three years of my life. When I did live away (in Arizona) I often flew back and forth for visits. It was not uncommon during these flights for me to meet well-meaning non-Midwesterners who believed that Milwaukee was Minneapolis. After explaining that I was from Milwaukee certain inevitable questions followed: “How are the Twins doing this year?” “What is that Twin City up there by Milwaukee--isn’t it Saint Paul?”    But Milwaukee is more than an... read more

Home is Where....

Mommy and Daddy Love Me...and Where My Toys Are
Posted by Roy Scholtka on December 25, 2012 in  uncategorized
In my first blog I shared the story of my start in real estate. Today, on the Christmas holiday, I want to share with you one of my first mailers. When I began in real estate I realized I was making a major life change, going from working on the docks to selling homes. I asked myself why I wanted to sell and how I could convey my perspective. One of the first things I ended up putting together was a mailer. I put a picture of my son Corey, playing with his Fisher Price animal barn and wrote, "Home is where m... read more



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